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Hurricane Maria Claims

Denied, Delayed or Shorted by Your Insurance Provider? Our Hurricane Maria Disaster Team Can Help

Being proactive by investing in insurance to protect our businesses and homes is something many do just in case the unthinkable happens. When your home or business is devastated by a natural disaster, like Hurricane Maria, you expect to receive the funds needed to repair the damages. Unfortunately, that does not always happen.

Many home and business owners who were victimized by Hurricane Maria are being victimized a second time by the insurance companies they paid to protect their commercial and residential property. Many of our clients who filed Hurricane Maria claims with their insurance companies report being denied, delayed or severely under-compensated for their loss.

We Act Fast on Your Behalf to Get You Back to Business— Personally and Professionally

1-800-LAW-FIRM’s disaster team has helped our Hurricane Maria clients receive fair compensation to cover the numerous damages suffered to business and residential property.

The first step you will need to take is to file a claim with your insurance company. Next, it is recommended to complete the following actions:

  • Keep track of the names, titles and contact information for each representative you spoke with regarding your claim
  • Save any emails or other correspondences from your insurance provider (specifically any communications with advised next steps)
  • Keep detailed notes of any phone conversations you have with any representative from your insurance provider
  • Be certain to ask your provider for a deadline as to when you can expect compensation
  • Provide the insurance representative details on the damage that occurred as well as the financial challenges the disaster inflicted on your business and/or home 
  • Take pictures of all damages that occurred to your business and/or home and do not attempt any repairs until your property has been inspected by the insurance adjuster

1-800-LAW-FIRM can help you and your family get back to some sense of normalcy. We are committed to getting you the compensation you deserve and helping you get back to work and back to your life. 

Common Damages Experienced by Business and Home Owners

We help our clients recover losses on a variety of damages to their commercial and residential properties. Damages encountered include:

  • Structural damage
  • Fire damage
  • Water damage
  • Loss or damage to roof, windows, doors and siding
  • Substantial profit loss due to damage to commercial property
  • Loss of property including computers, furniture, files etc.
  • Loss of irreplaceable heirlooms
  • Past and future relocation expenses

You Deserve Fair Compensation for Your Losses

1-800-LAW-FIRM will be in your corner to help ensure that your provider gives you the compensation needed for the necessary repairs for your business and home. We have helped our clients receive compensation even after they were denied by their insurance provider. Our team can work to get you the restitution so that you can concentrate on healing and moving forward.


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