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Criminal Defense

More than likely, you landed here because you are faced with one of the following scenarios: criminal investigation, recent arrest, recent raid or search, outstanding warrant, a citation for a crime or traffic offense, notice of arraignment or other criminal matter. 

There are consequences associated with a criminal case even before it ever goes into the court system. Police reports never go away even if a criminal case is is later dismissed. Once convicted of a felony, you cannot own or possess a firearm. A misdemeanor for a theft or larceny crime can jeopardize potential opportunities for a lifetime. Police, prosecutors, probation officers and judges all work for the government. We work for you!

If you or a loved is being investigated or charged with a crime, don’t wait another minute to hire your own private criminal defense lawyers to deal with the government and fight to get you out of the system. 1-800-LAW-FIRM is one of the most respected names for criminal defense services and has consistently achieved excellent results for their clients and the highest client and professional ratings.