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Exactech Replacements

Exactech replacements include joint replacements for knees, hips, shoulders and ankles. Surgeons use these medical devices to replace arthritic or injured joints. Exactech issued a recall for its polyethylene ankle and knee implant inserts because defective packaging could cause early degradation.

The August 2021/February 2022 Exactech recall applies to knee and ankle replacements inserts manufactured since 2004. Exactech has not recalled its Connexion GXL acetabular liner used in hip implants. Instead, it has phased out these liners and is now using its Vitamin E XLE hip liners.

Some recalled Exactech hip, knee, and ankle replacements have caused complications in patients, leading to revision surgery.  Revision surgeries are additional surgeries doctors perform to correct joint replacement problems. Doctors typically recommend these when an implant fails or is causing symptoms such as pain, decreased mobility, bone and tissue death or infection.

These surgeries are more difficult to perform than primary joint replacements, and they require planning and special implants. They take longer to perform and may have more complication risks. Some patients require more than one revision surgery.

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