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Unemployment Fraud


What You Need to Know about Unemployment Insurance Fraud

Claimants accused of unemployment fraud typically have 30 days to respond to a determination or redetermination alleging falsification. Claimants are notified by letter and some report not receiving any notice at all.

Key Facts

  • Some states can garnish weekly wages and confiscate both state and federal tax returns if restitution is not paid
  • The financial penalties can be over 400% of the amount the claimant received while on unemployment in addition to the initial sum
  • Accusations of unemployment fraud remain on your record and the fines will not be eliminated even if you file for bankruptcy

You Have Legal Options

Nobody should be accused of misrepresentation or fraud after honestly applying for benefits he or she is entitled to. If you are the victim of unemployment fraud, call 1-800-LAW-FIRM to speak with one of our unemployment legal experts. All calls are free and confidential.