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Hip Replacements

Pain or Complications from a Hip Replacement?

If you or a loved one had hip replacement surgery and subsequently developed pain or other side effects, you may wish to consider your legal options.

Known Faulty Hip Replacement Devices Include:

  • Rejuvenate
  • ABG II
  • Pinnacle
  • ASR Hip System
  • R3 Acetabular System

Metal on Metal Hip Replacements

Each year, hundreds of thousands of people opt to have hip replacement surgery in hopes of relieving pain and improving mobility. This surgery is usually successful, but certain implants were found to be defective oftentimes creating problems that are perceived as worse than the original situation. Specifically, certain metal on metal hip replacements were discovered to cause significant complications. A hip replacement is considered “metal on metal” if there is friction between two metal parts in the joint area.

The FDA identified three manufacturers that produced faulty hip replacements:


Stryker recalled two of its hip replacement systems in 2012: the Rejuvenate and the ABG II. These devices were not thoroughly tested before being released. The problems with these systems were typical of metal on metal hip replacements, including toxic metal debris being released into the bloodstream.

It is worth noting that these hip replacements were released after other companies were faced with recalls and litigation resulting from similar designs. Despite this, Stryker proceeded to market these dangerous devices. Stryker is now facing numerous lawsuits and estimates that they will pay over $1 billion in compensation and legal fees.

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DePuy, owned by Johnson & Johnson, has two types of hip implants that were recalled. These are the Pinnacle and ASR Hip System. These products were originally designed to accommodate younger patients, and supply the increased durability and flexibility required for an active lifestyle.

Unfortunately, the new design brought about many problems including an increased device failure rate and the development of metalloisis. The Pinnacle system was discontinued and the ASR Hip System was recalled.

Smith & Nephew

In 2012, Smith & Nephew issued a recall of the metal liner of its R3 Acetabular System. The parts of this system come in different materials including plastic, metal and ceramic. When using the metal R3 liner, certain configurations of this system can cause the implant to be considered a metal on metal hip replacement.

The problems associated with this hip replacement system closely resemble that of other recalled implants. These include loosening of the implant, pain, device failure and metal toxicity. These issues lead to a higher than normal rate of revision surgeries. Between 2009 and the 2012 recall, approximately 4,000 liners were used in surgeries. Smith & Nephew are now facing litigation due to these defective products.


Broadspire is the third-party claims administrator that was hired by Stryker, DePuy and Johnson & Johnson to handle claims relating to their faulty hip replacements. This company may reach out to you if you have received a faulty hip replacement. While dealing with Broadspire, it is expected that they will attempt to gain access to your medical records and it is likely that this will require you to sign extensive documentation.

If you are contacted by Broadspire, we recommend that you consult with one of our experienced attorneys. The process can be confusing and it is easy to make mistakes that may jeopardize your chances for a settlement. Our attorneys can help guide you through this process.

Metal Hip Replacement Key Points

  • Several manufacturers have recalled metal on metal hip replacement systems
  • Many people who received these systems suffered severe complications including the need for additional surgery
  • You may be eligible for compensation if you received one of these hip replacement systems

Side Effects and Symptoms

  • A loose or dislocated joint
  • Tissue inflammation
  • Tissue death
  • Hypersensitivity
  • Bone dissolution
  • Chronic pain
  • Metallosis (metal poisoning)

Warnings and Recalls

  • In 2012 Stryker recalled components of the Rejuvenate and ABG II hip replacement systems
  • In 2010, DePuy recalled their ASR TM total hip system
  • In 2012 Smith & Nephew recalled the R3 Metal Lines of the R3 Acetabular hip replacement system

Understand Your Legal Rights

If you have a faulty metal on metal hip replacement, hold the manufacturer accountable. It is alleged that these companies knew about the risks and failed to warn the public. Billions of dollars in settlements are expected to be paid in relation to these defective products. Call 1-800-529-3476 today for a free and confidential consultation.


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