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Why refunds for Fortnite?

A minor under the age of 18 years old can not form a contract with an adult or company. Contract Law recognizes the right to disaffirm a contract by minors before reaching adulthood. To disaffirm a contract means to invalidate the contract as if it never happened. Property that was transferred by the contract which the minor agreed needs to be returned to the rightful owner.

The purpose of the right of disaffirmance is to shield minors from their lack of judgment and experience. Minors are particularly vulnerable to the gaming items offered in the video game Fortnite. The “skins” and dance moves are available to buy during a limited amount of time. The game also offers minors a way to express their likings, as well as distinguished their online character from that of their online friends.

The parents or legal guardians of minors that have made purchases in the Fortnite video game either by using debit or credits cards without authorization could be able to obtain a refund for the money that was spent by the minor in the Fortnite video game transaction.  

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