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Big Plastic is Telling Big Lies

Apr 29, 2024 - Blog by

Big oil and plastic corporations have known about the impact of plastic waste on the environment for decades. Nevertheless, at the same time, the industry developed tactics to consistently mislead us by promoting the recyclability of their products when they knew recycling was not technically or economically feasible. We cannot recycle our way out of the plastic waste crisis.

Greenwashing and False Promises

The plastic industry and its front groups are deceiving the public. They use glossy upbeat ads to create the façade that they care about the planet, while in reality they engage in practices that are harming the environment and public health. A prime example is the fact that fossil fuel and plastic corporations produce over 400 million tons of plastic trash each year, while promoting recycling as a solution to the plastic waste crisis. That is like trying to dry yourself off while being sprayed with a fire hose.

“Companies in the plastic industry prioritize profits and their public image above all else. They meticulously craft uplifting advertisements and glossy corporate sustainability reports to present themselves as environmentally conscious and socially responsible, all while raking in billions. However, their message urging consumers and investors to recycle plastic and save the planet is nothing but a facade. In reality, research exposes a pattern of deceit spanning decades. Since as early as 1970, the plastic industry has knowingly downplayed the detrimental effects of plastic waste and aggressively pushed recycling initiatives solely to bolster their bottom line.

In an advertisement from1990, DuPont boldly and disingenously proclaimed to have resolved the plastic waste crisis through their pioneering “country’s largest, most comprehensive plastic recycling program.” The ad shifted responsibility onto consumers, urging us to ensure our bottles were not discarded in the trash or littered, but recycled. Fast forward 34 years to 2024, and the reality is starkly different: a dump truck’s worth of plastic enters the ocean every minute. DuPont’s touted solution seems far from comprehensive now.

Big Bullies Twisting Arms

The plastic industry works hard to influence politicians. Petrochemical and plastic companies use their massive wealth to undermine efforts to limit plastic production and usage. From their insidious efforts to influence plastic treaty negotiations to fighting local regulation of products made with their plastic, they prioritize profits over the planet. In doing so, the plastic industry has stood in the way of any meaningful solutions to the plastic pollution crisis.

Upholding Corporate Accountability

In the face of escalating plastic pollution and its devastating impact on the environment, it is imperative to promote and enforce Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), an increasingly recognized concept. Taxpayers shouldn’t bear the brunt of cleaning up the colossal mess left by the plastic industry. We need to advocate for corporate accountability and stringent regulations to counteract the misconduct of big plastic. By shedding light on deceptive practices, we can prioritize sustainability over profit and ensure a safer planet for generations to come.”

Take Action

At 1-800-LAW-FIRM, we prioritize environmental concerns. Visit the World Wildlife Fund’s website to advocate for Extended Producer Responsibility. Connect with your legislators and urge them to hold companies acccountable for the hundreds of millions of tons of plastic they produce annually. Demand that it becomes their responsibility to prevent plastic from polluting our environment.


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