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Author: Lianjessi Socarras

Monarch Butterflies, The Next Dinosaur? 

Jul 9, 2024 - Blog by

Discovering Monarch Butterflies: A Vital Lesson in Conservation  During a recent family hike, we were fortunate to encounter a majestic monarch butterfly. Its vibrant orange and black wings made it feel like a celebrity sighting. Yet, despite their fame, monarch butterflies have become increasingly rare in the wild. It was a poignant moment, especially for my eight-year-old daughter, who had never seen one before.  Monarch butterflies aren’t just beautiful; they are crucial pollinators known for their incredible migrations across North America, spanning thousands of miles. Sadly, their populations have declined by 90% over the past two decades, with neonicotinoid exposure emerging as a significant threat.  Understanding Neonicotinoids and Their Impact  Neonicotinoids, neuro-active insecticides similar to nicotine, are widely used in agriculture to protect crops. However, […]

Plastic Sand? A reflection on our imposed plastic culture

Jun 24, 2024 - Blog by

The Desensitization of Plastic How have we allowed ourselves to become so dependent on a material that would outlast us by centuries? Plastic now feels as common as sand, with micro and nano-plastics crossing all human barriers and reaching even the most remote areas of the world.   Plastic has become an inescapable commodity. Plastic is everywhere, if one were to look around a room, we would most likely count more plastic items than fingers in our hands. The overwhelming presence of plastic in our world is no coincidence.     In 1948, DuPont sponsored full-color ads for products made from plastic, creating a new consumer craze in America. DuPont’s slogan was “Better Things for Better Living… through Chemistry.”  In less than 50 years from the first developed […]

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