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Plastic Apocalypse

Mar 7, 2024 - Blog by

5 Shocking Facts the Plastic Industry Wants to Keep Secret:

In the world of plastics, business as usual is failing us. Plastic trash is choking our waterways,  , and infiltrating human organs. It is time to shift the status quo. Petrochemical and plastic manufacturing companies must halt the massive production of plastic that is suffocating our planet. It’s time to make the plastic industry responsible for the impact it is having on the environment and society. Let’s explore five impacts of the Plastic Apocalypse:

  1. Suffering in Silence: Plastic pollution has been found in the farthest reaches of the planet including the Amazon rain forest, arctic snow, Mount Everest and the darkest depths of the oceans. Tellingly, plastic trash is overwhelming our oceans to the extent that Plastic waste is threatening marine life every minute as creatures become entangled in debris or mistake plastic particles for food and ingest them, causing them to suffer slow painful deaths. Petrochemical companies and plastic manufacturers are largely responsible for this devastation.
  2. Plastic Placentas: The production, everyday use, and disposal of plastics impacts humans. Microplastics have been found in human blood, lungs, and placentas. A recent study detected microplastics in 100% of women whose placentas were tested, and these particles are being detected at increasing amounts. Furthermore, toxic chemicals used in plastic manufacturing have been linked to numerous health issues, including premature births, hormonal disruptions, and developmental disorders. Plastic manufacturers should be liable for these harms.
  3. Island Nations Are Being Smothered in Plastic Trash: The sheer volume of plastic waste being generated impacts waste management systems around the world. Landfills are overflowing and plastic pollution is rampant. The global north is exporting plastic waste to countries in the global south under the guise that it is being recycled. These communities which lack the proper infrastructure to recycle, have resorted to burning these massive mountains of plastic waste. Toxic air emissions blanket nearby communities in these countries bearing the burden of our plastic trash. The plastic industry should be held accountable for the entire life cycle of plastic products, including disposal. Taxpayers, ratepayers, and developing countries should not bear the burden of these costs.
  4. Unprecedented Climate Catastrophe: The production of plastic uses excessive amounts of energy and contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, exacerbating the climate change crisis. Not only are plastics made from fossil fuels, but also, the production process creates carbon and methane emissions along the entire supply chain. Petrochemical companies and plastic manufacturers have the capacity to significantly combat climate change on a global scale by reducing plastic production and adopting cleaner and more sustainable methods.
  5. Injustice Illuminated – How the Plastic Industry Targets Vulnerable Communities: The plastic industry disproportionately affects communities of color and low-income populations by concentrating their industrial factories in these neighborhoods where the residents have fewer resources for fighting back and language barriers exist. These communities, including children, are exposed to toxic pollutants and increasingly cumulative impacts. Lacking concern for the injustices they are perpetrating, the plastic industry continues to spend billions on new facilities often in already impacted communities.

It is urgent that we hold petrochemical companies and plastic manufacturers accountable for the impact they have on society. By demanding the plastic industry be responsible for the plastic waste crisis, we can induce a paradigm shift. It is time to recognize the link between industry actions and the far-reaching consequences. The plastic industry must stop sacrificing the well-being of our planet and future generations for short-term profit and start aligning their practices to protect and restore public health and the environment.

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