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green card lawyer Houston

green card lawyer Houston

If you need a green card lawyer in Houston who knows immigration law like the back of his hand, then you have come to the right place. Fong Ilagan practices immigration and business law exclusively, and we have helped thousands of people to get their green cards successfully in Houston. We hope that you will let us put our extensive knowledge of immigration law to use for you. Whether you are ready to file your application for the first time or you are fighting an appeal, Fong Ilagan is here to help.

Fong Ilagan offers free consultations for individuals in the immigration system. Whether you are seeking citizenship yourself or citizenship for a family member, Fong Ilagan can guide you. We will discuss your situation and lay-out all of your options for you. We will advise you on your best path forward to get your application stamped for approval.

Can a Green Card Lawyer Make the Process Faster?

The answer to this question is both yes and no. How can that be? Well, there isn't much that we can do to speed up the USCIS process. Nothing tends to happen very fast with USCIS! Yet, in another way, hiring a Green Card lawyer in Houston can speed up the process. By avoiding mistakes that can set your case back or even make you have to appeal or refile, an immigration lawyer will make sure that everything is processed correctly on the first go-round.

Can a Green Card Lawyer Guarantee that My Application Will be Approved?

Again, this is another one of those yes and no questions. No, we cannot supersede what USCIS decides. If, for any reason, they decide to deny your case, then the only remedy is to file an appeal. Of course, the success of the appeal depends on the circumstances surrounding the denial. If there is something that we aren't aware of, then we cannot help. For example, if your spouse has been blacklisted for some reason, and you do not tell us about this at the time of hiring us, then there is nothing we can do to get your application approved.

However, a green card lawyer in Houston can be extremely beneficial. We can make sure that your case is presented in the best way possible to maximize your chances of being approved. Because of our rich experience with immigration cases, we know how to get things rolling.

Fong Ilagan is a Law Firm that Cares

At Fong Ilagan, we believe that families belong together, and although there has been a lot of backlash in America against immigrants in the last few years, we love immigrants and welcome them to our country with open arms. In fact, the United States was built by immigrants! We are eager to help you get your loved ones here so that they can make their unique contributions to the best country that has ever existed - the United States of America!

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green card lawyer Houston
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