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Family Law Attorney Nassau NY

Family Law Attorney Nassau NY

Seeking professional help from a family law attorney can ease your family burden and resolve some complex problems. While family law lawyers are often connected with divorce cases, they can also help with other family matters that require legal guidance. At Rubinstein Law Firms, we have many years of representing clients in Nassau, NY, on legal issues, and our attorneys are always available to help you. Here are ways our family law attorney can help you:

Establishing Paternity

If you're an unmarried parent, you must establish your children's paternity to ensure the father contributes to their daily needs. As a father, you want to establish your paternity so that you can support your children and have the right to see them. Our family law lawyers can work with either parent to establish paternity.

Spousal Financial Support

Spousal support may be awarded when a couple divorces. At Rubinstein Law Firms, our family law attorney will investigate financial resources and see how either partner can support themselves in a similar way they enjoyed during the marriage. We will ensure that all appropriate documentation is presented to allow spousal financial support.

Handling Divorce Case

Divorce can be challenging for both the parents and their children. It will help if you consider the physical and emotional stress resulting from a divorce and the financial implication. Therefore, you need to seek support from a lawyer and work toward a fair distribution of assets. At Rubinstein Law Firms, our divorce lawyer can save you from the time, stress, and invasion of privacy if you and your spouse have made the mutual decision to divorce. We'll guide you and help you reach an agreement that meets both of your needs.

Negotiating Parenting Agreements

Child visitation and custody are among the most important decisions you make if you have young children when you divorce. Each parent's responsibility in the children's lives will need to consider before making the decision. A written agreement will also be required to schedule your children's time with each parent. Our family law attorney can help you deliberate your parenting plan and agreed on a visitation date during your divorce.

Obtaining Orders of Protection

Domestic violence is a serious family issue. You need protection if you or your children are victims of domestic violence. At Rubinstein Law Firms, our family law attorney can help you seek an order of protection from harassment, verbal or physical abuse, and other threatening behavior, whether it comes from a parent, a spouse, or a household. In an emergency case, our lawyer can help you seek an enforceable protection order and ensure that law enforcement agents are available to keep you and your children safe.

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Family Law Attorney Nassau NY

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