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  • Drunk Driving

    Michigan drunk driving laws are getting more complicated and the charges have serious consequences. Even…

  • Drug Offenses

    A federal or state drug crime conviction can result in heavy jail time. Michigan law enforcement takes…

  • Weapons Charges

    Federal and state weapons charges encompass a variety of offenses that involve the possession…

  • Murder Charges

    Both murder and manslaughter are serious accusations, and if you’re facing one of these…

  • Criminal Sexual Conduct

    A criminal sexual offense accusation is something you should take extremely seriously…

  • Theft

    Theft charges apply to a variety of offenses that involve taking something of value from another person…

  • Juvenile Offenses

    Michigan’s ‘tough on crime’ youth policies make it imperative that you hire the right attorney. A juvenile…

  • Misdemeanors

    A misdemeanor is a crime that carries a maximum penalty of up to
    2 years in jail…

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If you’ve been accused of a crime, before you talk to the police, call Solomon Radner.  Hiring an experienced criminal attorney in the first 24 hours is essential to getting charges reduced or reversed.  

You can’t put a price on keeping your freedom, or protecting your reputation. Solomon Radner is dedicated to making sure his clients can get most from our justice system, no matter what their income level is – often working on cases pro-bono.

Whether you have been charged with a misdemeanor or felony, you have the right to remain silent. Exercise it. You have the right to an attorney. Call Solomon Radner today at 855-723-6375.

Solomon Radner focuses on criminal defense in Metro Detroit  and has received national recognition for his work in criminal law. Read more about Solomon Radner.

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