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About Solomon M. Radner

Solomon M. Radner, founder of Radner Legal Services, focuses on criminal defense and personal injury. Solomon received national recognition for his work in the field of criminal law when he was selected to serve on the ABA White Collar Crimes Committee from 2008 until 2010 as Student Liaison. As such, he traveled the country to participate in conferences and seminars, which helped shape ABA policy.

Solomon interned for judges while they presided over criminal proceedings and clerked for defense attorneys in criminal proceedings. While interning at the Federal Defenders in Detroit, he gained experience in federal criminal defense, including many white-collar crimes. Notably, Solomon assisted with the editing of a book on white-collar crimes while working for the Federal Public Defenders.

Solomon then went on to gain experience in state criminal defense while interning for the Legal Aid and Defense public defenders in Detroit, during which time he also gained significant courtroom experience. He has spent hundreds of hours in the courtroom during oral arguments, examinations, cross-examinations, arraignments, preliminary examinations, and trials. Solomon strongly believes that there is a personal obligation to give back to the community in any way possible, and Solomon does a large amount of volunteer work. Solomon's pro bono work includes volunteering for the Michigan Innocence Clinic, which operates out of the University of Michigan Law School.

The Michigan Innocence Clinic works to exonerate falsely convicted criminal defendants, who are doing hard time for crimes they did not commit. What is extremely unique about this particular clinic is that it reviews convictions for which there is no DNA evidence to support a finding of innocence. Solomon also regularly represents clients with limited funds, due to familial financial obligations, on a pro bono basis or for a significantly reduced rate.

Our Firm

Radner Legal Services was founded by Solomon M. Radner. It was founded with one mission: The zealous representation of our clients.

Radner Legal Services is a group of lawyers with different areas of expertise and experience, including criminal defense, personal injury, and bankruptcy. We also work together with independent lawyers and law firms to best represent our clients, depending on our clients' individual needs.

We understand that both you and your legal issue are unique.

In fact, every legal issue that arises, must be dealt with on an individual basis, since no two legal issues are the same. Therefore, you need an attorney that is not only willing to fight for your rights, but also able to do so.

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